The metal chimneys are characterized by being a series of non-recessed models that simplify and allow to avoidance of large masonry works in their installation.

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Bioethanol fireplaces (or ethanol fireplaces) are those that house a safe bioethanol burner with what are coatings designed to insert or hang on the wall as a traditional fireplace.

Bioethanol fuel is widely used to decorate spaces since its use is non-toxic and does not generate unpleasant odors (as long as ethyl bioethanols, not petroleum derivatives, are used).

Design fireplaces are widely used to decorate and give warmth to spaces.

Metal Chimneys

They are the new trend of Architects and Decorators throughout Europe, the effect of a real flame without the ties of installing a fireplace.

Without fumes, ashes, or soot, they make it a versatile and sophisticated decoration complement that complements and enhances any environment with the charm of fire. Berwyn England Chimney Sweep, Your ideal chimneys Store in Granada.

Another advantage is the multiple installation options that its different models offer, suspended to the wall, on a woodshed, on a foot, on a decorative bench, etc.

They use the most suitable materials according to the area of the fireplace (steel, stainless steel, refractory, or cast iron), as well as anti-caloric paints for the exterior finish.

We have versions to place in any space of your home without giving up the spectacle of fire.

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