Recent Activity of Berwyn Fire Company

Fire Company Members do walk around US Postal Facility
As a company Drill, the members of the Berwyn Fire Company Visited the South-Easthern Postal Facility for Dill. This exclusive tour explained evacuation methods, Hazardous Materials procedures and provided lots of incite as to how the huge facility operates. Also explained were the new Bio-Chemistry detection machines work. These Machines can detect the presence on Anthrax and other agents. A lot was learned by all that attended.

CAR WASH FUND RAISER! Over $1100 in donations!

On Saturday, May 22nd, approximately 15 members of the Berwyn Fire Company participated in a Car Wash Fund Raiser on Lancaster Avenue in Berwyn. Over $1100 was raised to go towards the $1.25 Million 2004 Budget. Although there were spotty clouds and showers in the morning, the skies cleared up and over 70 Cars were Washed. The Berwyn Fire Company would Like to thank:
-Healing Hands Massage
-Lakeside Gardens
-and the Residents on the property for their permission to hold our car wash!

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